Bengal Kittens for sale below! Deposits now being taken for fall kittens.

 PLEASE read our Policies/FAQs page first!  Contact us about our contract and/or to get on the selection list.  Serious inquiries are always welcome.  Pre-birth depositors ALWAYS have choice priority on new kittens.  We do not ask depositors to select kittens until 4-5 weeks of age, giving you plenty of time to make your decision!  If no kitten in a litter catches your eye, you may pass your deposit to the next litter! 

We pride ourselves in offering high quality Bengal kittens for sale at reasonable pet prices.  We believe everyone should have the opportunity to own a member of this intelligent, beautiful, playful breed. Our Bengals are bred to turn heads!  All 2019 kittens will be throughly dewormed, have their first round of FVRCP combination vaccines, have early-age spay or neuter by our excellent veterinarian, and come with purebred TICA registration paperwork.  Kittens are priced based on color, pattern quality, and overall Bengal type quality.  

Prices listed are PET prices and breeding rights are $1500 additional.  Shipping available except in the summer months (June, July, August).  If a kitten appears AVAILABLE below, it is STILL AVAILABLE; I list sold kittens reserved the same day. EMAIL OR TEXT/CALL  850-776-2530 before placing your $300 deposit. 

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Please note that no kitten is officially reserved until you have placed a $300 deposit, period!  This is the only way to be fair to all potential buyers.  We can accept credit cards over the phone with no Paypal account required.  


Bengal kittens take a year or more to fully develop their complex rosetted patterns.  When viewing kittens under 12 weeks of age, please bear in mind that their plain-looking spots WILL break out into rosettes as they grow!  All kittens develop differently but one thing is for sure: They keep getting better with age!  The younger a kitten is, the less impressive his or her pattern will appear in comparison to how he or she will look a year from now!  As an example, see our Stud snow mink male's transformation below (YES it is the SAME kitten!): 

Keep scrolling to view our available bengal kittens for sale.  More kittens will be posted in Fall 2019, so check back often or contact us for additional information on our upcoming litters!

Born May 18 to our young queen Rochelle and retiring stud Exodus, Zephyr is a gorgeous little mink with a flowing pattern of large, complex rosettes that are already starting to break out.  Eye color will change to a variant of blue, aqua or light green as he ages.  He will be ready to go home at the end of July. Zephyr is AVAILABLE.