Next litters are due June 2020! Deposits being accepted now!

Dedicated to Health and Beauty

Dedicated to Health and Beauty Dedicated to Health and Beauty Dedicated to Health and Beauty

Our Bengal Cats

  Our Bengal cat program is intimate yet exquisite.  We have two studs and two ladies kept in two large outdoor pens as pairs during breeding.  The queens deliver and raise their litters in the house.  We specialize in ALL colors of Bengals formally recognized by TICA - brown, silver, and snow - and ALL cats are TICA registered and guaranteed PK unaffected (clear or carrier status). Please contact for a copy of our contract.

Wild n Sweet Derringer of Rare Earth


Derringer compliments our program with his bold, colorful rosettes and beautiful conformation. Born in 2018, Derringer carries for snow and will be producing brown and snow kittens coming in Fall 2019! Much thanks to Sabrina for this superb Bengal cat. PK N/N.



Rare Earth Falling Star ("Calcifer")


Calcifer is the heart of our Bengal program for 2018, an undeniably stunning seal mink snow stud produced here out of Exodus and Danielle (retired). He has an incredible disposition, is PK N/N, and is a proven producer of gorgeous and healthy brown, silver, and snow kittens. He will be bred to Ether and Sasha in Fall/Winter 2019/2020.



Rising Sun Ethereal Mist of Rare Earth


Ether comes from Steve and Becky Beckman's Rising Sun Farm cattery and we are so thrilled to have this incredible silver girl here with us. Lots of unique paw print rosettes and minimal tarnish make her a spectacular example of a silver Bengal. Ether has startling yellow eyes and loves our dogs. PK N/N.



Rare Earth Lady Rochelle


Rochelle is home bred out of Calcifer and Serafina and has the BEST personality in the entire group. Her deep mink coat and light green eyes make her a lovely girl. She is so enmeshed with us that she decided to deliver her first litter in our bed (James loved that - ha!). She adores visitors and does not mind being picked up. Rochelle will be bred to Derringer beginning fall 2019!



Black Widow of Rare Earth


Black Widow, aka Natasha, hails from St Petersburg Russia and welcomed her first litter with Calcifer in spring 2020. Her bold, complex pattern and range of brown tones makes her an exceptional addition to the ranch. And her personality is simply unbeatable!